Mooer ShimVerb Micro Reverb Pedal

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Mooer ShimVerb Micro Reverb Pedal

The Mooer ShimVerb delivers 3 types of reverb, in one compact pedal. The ShimVerb digital reverb has 3 reverb modes: Room, Spring and Shimmer. The Room mode has different sized true acoustics reverb, from room to hall; the Spring mode is good for classic combo amp and vintage 60's surf reverb. The Shimmer mode features a dynamic “shimmer” reverb sound that has become very popular in Post Rock music.

Product Details
3 Way Switch room / spring / shimmer
Level level of the reverb sound
Color tone in room mode, volume of spring effect, brightness of shimmer effect
Decay decay time for reverb
Power Supply external power supply 9V (center minus plug)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 93.5 x 38 x 49.5mm
Weight 170g
Switching True Bypass
Model Mooer Audio ShimVerb

Part number MRV1