Instrument Repair

Guitar and Bass Repair

At Aliens and Strangers Music we take pride in making guitars and basses play at their full potential. All minor repairs - complete setups to nut adjustments - are completed in our Sidney, Nebraska store. Even if you didn't purchase your guitar from us we can give it our Shred Ready™ service.

For major repairs such as fret jobs, fret crowning, and finish repairs, we send your instrument to our expert luthier in Longmont, Colorado. A long-time employee of some of the best custom guitar makers in the country and the only outside-the-factory authorized repair person for Tom Anderson Guitarworks, he is able to fix just about anything that might be wrong with your instrument.

Band Instrument Repair

Aliens And Strangers Music offers the same level of setups and repairs on woodwind, brass and percussion instruments as well. We have dedicated repair staff for these instruments and are able to complete the work quickly.