What is Shred Ready?

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Experience real customer service, experience Shred Ready™!

Pick up a guitar in any music store or order one from a giant online retailer and you might be ready to shred, but your guitar won’t be. At Aliens And Strangers Music we believe a new instrument should inspire you; not hinder you. That’s why every guitar or bass we sell arrives at your door fully Shred Ready™. Which means you and your guitar will be immediately ready for the stage or just the woodshed.

Shred Ready™ Inspection Points:

1. Action (set low but without buzzing):

Neck adjustment, slight bow, flat enough for even string height, but without killing bent notes.
Bridge adjustment, optimizing string height. For floating bridges, leveling for improved balance and intonation.
Adjust Nut, confirm that nut is cut correctly and fix if necessary.

2. Intonation

Intonate bridge. Tuned to be correct all across the neck at A440hz
Pickup height adjustment. Insures that the pickups aren’t pulling the strings out of tune yet optimizing for a strong signal.

3. Inspect and correct nut and fret finish. Assuring that strings aren’t being pinched at the nut (especially on guitars with nonlocking trems) and that you won’t snag your hand on a misfiled fret.

All of this is included with a purchase of any guitar or bass. Requests for different adjustments than specified here are subject to a $25 charge.

Note: We keep our instruments in a climate-controlled showroom, 70 degrees F (+/- 3 degrees) and 40% humidity. We find that this is a neutral setting for our instruments. If you live in an extremely dry or moist area expect your instrument to change somewhat once it adjusts to your climate.