D'Addario XS Acoustic 80/20 Bronze, Medium, 13-56, XSABR1356

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SKU: 310715-1356 UPC: 019954371302

80/20 Bronze are D'Addario's brightest acoustic guitar strings, made to give your tone an unparalleled shine. With the addition of D'Addario's revolutionary XS coating, their bold, bright 80/20 strings obtain maximum life, with an uncommonly smooth feel. Made with a NY Steel core, 80/20 Bronze wrap wire, and Fusion Twist technology, these coated acoustic guitar strings have enhanced break strength and tuning stability over standard 80/20s, in addition to a dramatically increased lifespan. This 11-52 Custom Light gauge set has slightly more volume and projection than Extra Light, while still being easy to play.

XS is breathing new life into coated strings. With its ultra-thin film coating on every wound string and unique polymer treatment on the plain steels, XS offers D'Addario's highest level of protection for maximum life with an uncommonly smooth feel. XS also features NY Steel high carbon core and plain string wire, along with D'Addario's exclusive Fusion Twist, for incomparable break strength and tuning stability. XS is the most innovative coated string ever created. 

String Gauges: Plain Steel .013, .017, Bronze Wound .026, .035, .045, .056

Part number: XSABR1356