D'Addario XSE0946, XS Electric Coated, Super Top/Regular Bottom, 09-46

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D'Addario XSE0946, XS Electric Coated Nickel Plated Steel, Super Top/Regular Bottom, 09-46

XS is breathing new life into coated strings. With its ultra-thin film coating on every wound string and unique polymer treatment on the plain steels, XS offers D'Addario's highest level of protection for maximum life with an uncommonly smooth feel. XS also features NY Steel high carbon core and plain string wire, along with D'Addario's exclusive Fusion Twist, for incomparable break strength and tuning stability. XS is the most innovative coated string ever created.


  • A tremendous leap forward in coating technology allows the string windings to be completely protected from contaminants for incredibly long-lasting tone and maximum life.
  • With an ultra-thin film coating on every wound string and D'Addario's proprietary polymer treatment on the plain steels, XS has a smooth, fast feel, without fraying or peeling over time, providing an inspiring experience with every sweep, slide and bend on every string.
  • NYXL reformulated nickel-plated steel wrap wire provides increased output, bite and sustain, without the acoustic dampening common in coated strings. Stick out in the mix and bring new life to your guitar with richer harmonics, greater clarity, and remarkable definition in every strum.
  • Incredible strength with NY Steel at its core. XS offers greater break strength and unmatched tuning stability, enhanced by our proprietary Fusion Twist technology and reduced friction at the nut and bridge. Tune less, play more.
  • These new XS Electric feature D'Addario's 100% recyclable packaging including their premium re-sealable VCI bag, so every set is kept factory fresh until you’re ready to experience the ultimate upgrade in tone, feel, life, and tuning stability.