Dunlop John Petrucci Trinity 1.4mm 6-Pack, 545PJP140

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This pick combines a custom Small Tri shape with the contoured shoulders of the Flow® Pick shape with a Jazz III-inspired tip for a playing experience that's smoother, faster, and more disciplined than ever before.

Take charge of your technique with the JP Trinity Pick. Dunlop started with the Jazz III’s size for its lightning fast maneuverability, and they added the shoulder contours of the Flow Pick for their excellent handling. For even greater control, they broadened the back end of the pick to create a small triangle—perfect for choking up nice and tight. The resulting pick offers an entirely new playing experience that’s smoother, faster, and more disciplined than ever.

“This pick has helped me reach new levels of speed and accuracy,” John says. “The quick-release edges allow me to execute difficult, complex licks with ease, and the three-sided shape provides superior handling. The rigid Ultex® material makes for an incredibly smooth attack and a noticeably fuller and sweeter tone.”

Dunlop part #545PJP140