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F.E. Olds NA340 Student Baritone Horn 3/4-size

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F.E. Olds NA340 Student Baritone Horn 3/4-size

The Olds NA340 is a quality option for the beginning Baritone player. The 3/4-size design allows for younger and smaller stature students to handle the instrument easily.

Bell Spinning: Truly an art, Olds' process produces a work-hardened, dent resistant final product with additional harmonics and undistorted tonal color that are an Olds tradition. Valve Lapping: All valve and piston parts are produced to exacting standards, matched and hand lapped and fitted to a tolerance of one ten thousandth of an inch to insure perfect fit and lightning fast acton.

Included is a sturdy molded plastic case and the F.E. Olds ten year warranty. Designed and constructed to make your musical experience more rewarding, this horn is truly a great value!

Professionally inspected and setup at Aliens And Strangers Music. All of our instruments are Shred Ready™!