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Graph Tech TUSQ Nut, Fender Slotted Strat and Tele PQ-5000-00

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SKU: 310247-5000 UPC: 702725100149

TUSQ delivers a rich tone, crystal clear bell like high end with big open lows and a significant increase in harmonic content and harmonic sustain. Increased harmonics equals more richness and character in your tone.

The 5000-00 is a perfect option to replace and upgrade the nut in almost all Fender style electric guitars. It will work in both a flat bottom or curved bottom nut slot due to its ingenious design, just sand off the tab for a curved bottom.

It is pre-slotted to make for a quick and easy install.


 Measure  Length Width
E to E 
.198" 1.363"
mm 42.85mm 3.25mm 5.03mm

Note: All Graph Tech nuts and saddles are slightly long and wide to ensure extra room to achieve a perfect fit for your guitar. This extra material can easily be removed with fine grit sandpaper.