Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan – 78 Model NECK Humbucker Pickup – 11104-12-B

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Seymour Duncan – 78 Model NECK Humbucker Pickup – 11104-12-B

In the late 70s, Seymour Duncan was well known as the go-to guy for players that wanted something custom. Sometime in ‘78, Eddie Van Halen gave him a P.A.F. to experiment with, along with instructions to rewind it with the intent to enhance the reproduction of artificial harmonics and “hot wind” a little for some extra “juice”.

The Seymour Duncan ‘78 Model humbucker is the result of that experiment. Loaded with an Alnico 2 magnet and wound to the exact same hot specs as that original P.A.F. rewind, the ‘78’s magnet and output combination lends itself to a warm crunch with biting leads and overtone laden tapped runs. While the ‘78 Model was not the final destination for Eddie, it offers players the opportunity to revisit a waypoint in the early days of his legendary pursuit of the ultimate tone. 

If you’re a player who demands a high-performance tone and wants the classic hard rockin’ rhythm crunch, articulate picked harmonics for your tapped solos and whammy bar acrobatics, the ‘78 Model just may be your ticket.