Stringjoy Signatures Balanced Super Light Plus (9.5-46) Nickel Wound Electric Strings

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stringjoy guitar strings

Here we’ve got Stringjoy's Balanced .0095s, otherwise known as our Balanced Super Light Plus Gauge strings. Yes, they know that name is a mouthful, but the idea is a pretty easy pill to swallow…

These are going to be perfect for anyone who wants the fullness of a set of .010s, but with the flexibility of a set of .009s. With this set, you can bump the size up just a little bit without having to commit to a full leap. And if you think about it, your shoes come in half sizes, so why shouldn’t your guitar strings?

Gauges: .0095 – .013 – .016 – .026w – .034 – .046

Proudly made in Nashville, Tennessee USA